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Coronavirus in the world and we focus on tracking and providing of the health solutions for African problems

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Total confirmed COVID-19 cases: how rapidly are they increasing?

At the beginning of 2020, or the end of 2019, the whole world looked on as China government announced the outbreak as was grappling with the spreading that seemed to be spiraling out of their hands.

In March of 2020, the situation in china markedly looked very different. That was like within a period of 2-3 months After aggressively testing and quarantine efforts, China’s outbreak of this novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) appears to be leveling off from April 2020. From May it may be business as usual in an unusual environment for them as the rest of the world still struggles.

Now, many countries around the world are in the beginning stages of managing their own outbreaks. March 15th, 2020, marked a very significant statistical milestone for this, as confirmed cases of COVID-19 outside of China surpassed the Chinese total.

The tracker displayed above, by Our World in Data, charts the trajectory of the growing number of world countries with more than 100 confirmed cases of COVID-19. As the number of new infections reported around the world continues to grow, which countries are winning the battle against COVID-19, and which are still struggling to slow the rate of infection? We hope and trust you enjoy navigating through the chart.