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We are leaders in the deployment of Ai based technologies. Our team is well experienced in the fields of medicine, technology, ICT. The company has shifted its focus to combating the COVID-19 pandemic in Africa.

We provide not just the solutions to address the current problems, but also look at beyond the current challenges. Solutions that are sustainable, cost-effective, measurable, and easy and quick to deploy.

Our focus areas with the Ai Technology are

  1. Education
  2. Health
  3. Governments
  4. Transportation
  5. General civilians

Our health solutions address the following global measures

  1. Detection and Reporting
    Early detection and reporting for epidemics of potential international concern
  2. Rapid Response
    The capability of rapidly responding to and mitigating the spread of an epidemic
  3. Health System
    Sufficient and robust and health system to treat the sick and protect health workers