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The private and the public sector needs to be able to act quickly to address society’s most pressing challenges—today more than ever. Remote work and education is a crucial resource, but to be effective, the private and the public sector learners and workers need access to powerful, flexible, accelerated computing from wherever they are.

Health, Medical, Pharmaceutical

When it comes to our health, especially in matters of life and death, the promise of artificial intelligence (AI) to improve outcomes is very intriguing. While there is still much to overcome to achieve AI-dependent health care, most notably data privacy concerns and fears of mismanaged care due to machine error and lack of human oversight, there is sufficient potential that governments, tech companies, and healthcare providers are willing to invest and test out AI-powered tools and solutions. Debainblue equips the world’s leading healthcare institutions with advanced tools to tackle interoperable data and meet the increasing demand for personalized medicine, next-generation clinics, and a remote workforce. Doctors need to access patients data remotely, and be able to diagnose and monitor patient health from anywhere, anytime.


Artificial Intelligence in education from K0 to universities. Tomorrow’s leaders are tapping into enormous datasets and complex workflows to address major social and global challenges. Higher education is at the forefront, training innovators in AI, robotics, accelerated computing, and data science. DebainBlue supplies tertiaries and universities with the tools needed to enable expertise and discoveries in critical disciplines to further the progress of humanity.


Autonomy will fundamentally improve the way the world moves. With the power of AI, personal vehicles, shared mobility, and delivery services will become safer and more efficient. Our mission is to provide innovative solutions that enable the industry, both public and private sector to deliver these benefits sooner.

Public Sector

In one of the largest technology transformations ever undertaken, the AI revolution is happening right now amongst the nation’s military, civilian, and federal agencies. AI is impacting cybersecurity, healthcare, life sciences, platform sustainment, humanitarian response, homeland security, and national defense. Debainblue is at the forefront of this democratization of AI, building the technology that will make communities safer and more connected everywhere.

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In 2020, the global AI software market is expected to grow approximately 154 percent year-on-year, reaching a forecast size of  22.6 billion U.S. dollars.


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